Selling or Buying a Home on Your Own? Need Legal Representation with the Process? We assist homeowners with real estate contracts and negotiations as they buy or sell a home (with or without a Realtor). Our knowledge and convenience can give you peace of mind

About Kelliher & Salzer

Kelliher & Salzer blends first-class legal representation with a pragmatic approach to efficiently and effectively assist our clients from contract to closing.   We work with clients, tailoring our involvement to their needs.  Our range of experience equips us to finalize deals of all sizes and levels of complexity to give you the peace of mind you are looking for.

Meet Dan

Daniel Kelliher is a Maryland State attorney with over 20 years of extensive experience in real estate law. He has worked with individual residents, small and large companies, retail establishments and developers in all aspects of real estate transactions.  His work includes, but is not limited to, purchase and sale agreements, contract and lease negotiations and finance transactions. Daniel got his Bachelor of Arts from Fairfield University, his Juris Doctor of Law from Catholic University and a Masters of Law in Taxation from the University of Baltimore. Prior to starting his own practice in 2005, Dan worked at several prominent real estate law firms as well as The Rouse Company a major real estate developer.  He also serves on various community and non-profit boards and has been a guest speaker at several real estate law conferences.


Our Process

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Get In Touch

Whether you are buying or selling property, we’ll discuss your needs over the phone or in person to determine how we can help limit your risks and get you quickly and efficiently to closing.

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Prepare & Negotiate Contract

Using our years of experience, we’ll draft a contract which satisfies state and local codes, and negotiate the terms of the contract to protect your interests.

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Legal Advice Through Closing

Finally, we’ll address any legal issues which arise before and during settlement.

We could not have gotten through the sale without Dan. We needed the advice and direction of an attorney when we received multiple offers on our house. One call and he jumped right in and resolved all the issues for us. We would have lost a ton of sleep without Kelliher & Salzer. Next time, we will hire Dan from the start. In the end, he saved us money and time. Well worth the small price.

Beth Murphy, Home Seller


If you are selling your home to a private buyer who isn’t using a realtor, then no. You will save the full 5-6% commission that is usually split between the buyer’s agent and the seller’s agent, but always paid from the seller. However, if you don’t already have a buyer for your home, and decide to do a traditional For Sell By Owner approach, you may decide that you want to advertise that you will pay the buyer’s agent's commission to the real estate agent representing a potential buyer - 2.5 to 3% - in order to attract the highest possible number of buyers for your home. You’ll still save on the seller’s agent commission of 2.5% - 3%, which represents a substantial savings.

These vary by county, but don’t change whether you are using a real estate agent or not. They are simply a part of every real estate transaction as governed by applicable laws. We can help you determine exactly what fees would apply based on your property address and exact situation during our initial consultation.

We are not. A title company is a specific part of a real estate transaction. They generally research and determine that the title to the property is valid, may provide insurance that will protect you in the case of any type of a dispute over the title, handle an escrow account that is used to distribute all of the funds related to the transaction, and finally may conduct the actual closing of the transaction at their offices. During our consultation, we will provide you with further information about choosing a title company, and how their role impacts your final transaction. Title companies are generally a part of every real estate transaction, whether using a real estate agent or not. They play an important role.

There may be a number of other costs associated with a real estate transaction, depending on the specifics of the parties involved. Examples may include local environmental issues/studies required for certain counties near the Chesapeake Bay, home inspections, and other closing costs. For the seller, all of this is negotiable based on their preference and may be paid by the buyer. As with any transaction, there will be variables based your unique situation, but if you work with Kelliher & Salzer, we'll advise you of any applicable local laws/requirements/or other factors that you should expect when selling you home.

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